6 Custom Upholstery Trends to Help Inspire Your Space

6 Custom Upholstery Trends to Help Inspire Your Space

6 Custom Upholstery Trends to Help Inspire Your Space

6 Custom Upholstery Trends to Help Inspire Your Space

There are endless ways to get an inspired and creative feel to your living space. You can try different colors of paint or even an upgrade to windows and light fixtures.

But have you ever considered using custom upholstery to enhance your interior design?

In this post, we’ll break down six fabric trends that you can use for your next redesign.

What is Custom Upholstery?

Custom upholstery can consist of anything in your household made of fabric. Seems obvious, but there are more options than you might think.

For example, do you need new drapes? Instead of heading out to a department store in hopes of finding something that suits your taste, try getting drapes custom made. It’s a lot like getting a tailored suit made, but for your home interior.

Don’t stop at the windows, though. Try enhancing your bedroom with a custom-made comforter and sheets. Or maybe you can finally coordinate the furniture in your living room with new upholstery.

Check out the list below to see what’s in style before your next custom treatment:

1. Bold Colors

Nothing sets the ambiance of your home better than its color scheme.

This year, try adding a splash of color to your living room with more striking colors. This is in contrast to the tendency to play it safe by sticking with neutral and earth tones.

If brighter colors are paired with a unique piece of furniture, you might be surprised by its elegance.

2. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns never go out of style. The human brain is designed for pattern recognition, so including geometric designs in your living space is sure to keep you stimulated but relaxed.

With these types of patterns, you can also try different color combinations. For example, on a single piece of furniture, you can set the color scheme for the rest of the room.

3. Piping and Buttons

This trend is all about detail. Furniture trim accented with piping and buttons is making its way into a lot of homes with vintage furniture.

The addition of trim creates a slight contrast to the other features, and even accents details in, for example, the woodwork.

4. Warm Tones

If you’re not too keen on bold tones in your living space, try warming it up instead.

Warm tones like burgundy don’t overwhelm the senses like bold colors will. Try different color combinations to get your room to the right “temperature.”

5. Floral Patterns

What better way to prepare for the spring season than bringing the outside in? Floral patterns are a great way to add some life to your interior design and keep your living space vibrant throughout the year.

6. Contrast Trimmings

Contrast trimmings are similar to piping and buttons, but they add a little more flair. The accents are also more creative, and more balanced. With this, you can contrast and enhance both the look and feel of your furniture.

Custom Upholstery Wrap Up

When it comes to choosing custom upholstery, the combinations are endless. We can help point you in the right direction.

Contact us today to learn how we can help! Also, check out our interior design blog for more tips!