5 Contemporary Home Decor Trends for 2018, interior design west palm beach

5 Contemporary Home Decor Trends for 2018

5 Contemporary Home Decor Trends for 2018

Do you know that homeowners spend over 300 billion dollars on remodeling their homes? From paint colors to furniture style, it can be difficult keeping up with current trends and faux pas.

Ready to start your own remodeling journey, but a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry. Check out five contemporary home decor trends you absolutely need to know for 2018!

1. Lavender is IN

Soft pink was at the top of pastel color choices, but now lavender or violet has risen to the top. Now, don’t shake your head and think we’re crazy. You don’t have to paint every wall lavender to take advantage of the trend.

If you do want the color on your wall, start with an accent wall or some built-in furniture.

Be smart about what you choose to pair with the color to avoid feeling like you are stuck in a field of lilacs. Use plenty of whites and greys throughout your furniture to bring the room to a more neutral place.

2. Get Geometric

You can really have fun by incorporating geometric patterns throughout your home. Whether you want to purchase a checkered sofa or a chevron rug, there are a ton of options.

Circle patterns are a good place to start if you are lost. Search around for some patterned accent pillows or a piece of colorful artwork.

3. Bold Floral Patterns

If geometric prints are not your thing, another contemporary home decor trend that is growing is eye-catching floral pieces.

Some may think the prints will feel too feminine, but this is not the case. Floral prints today have a casual feel. If you style the room correctly, the floral pieces will act as subtle focal points.

Use neutral colors and simple textures around any floral piece. This will leave you with an effortless elegant feeling.

4. Concrete Focal Points

Shopping for dining room tables is a big deal for most homeowners. You want something that will be able to stand up to lots of family dinners and other activities, especially if you have children.

A concrete tabletop is a perfect fit for this.

Choosing concrete for a fireplace is also how you can bring in the strong material. Creating a fireplace with simple lines will give any room a chic feeling.

5. Minimal Bedrooms

The bedroom is one area where the minimal, mostly white trends have remained popular.

Still, the bedroom sometimes becomes the place for catching up on the latest Netflix show instead of a peaceful area for sleeping. To keep your bedroom as a restful sanctuary, keep colors neutral and accents and accessories limited in number.

An all-white theme is an easy way to achieve this look, but don’t be afraid of incorporating grey or other earth tones. If a color is calming to you, feel free to use it.

The Time Is Now for Contemporary Home Decor

As you can see, creating a space with a contemporary style doesn’t have to be hard. With a few color changes, new furniture pieces, and accent pillows, you could completely change the vibe of a room.

Pick your favorite tip and take action to make it happen. Which room will you tackle first? Let us know in the comments!