5 Stunning Ideas For a Bedroom Makeover

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5 Stunning Ideas For a Bedroom Makeover

5 Stunning Ideas For a Bedroom Makeover

Your bedroom is arguably where you spend the most time in your home.

Sure, you cook plenty of meals in the kitchen and have probably spent more than a night or two watching movie marathons on the couch. But, your room is where you rise every morning and fall asleep each evening. It’s where you retire to after a long day and where you’re curled up during rainy afternoons.

As such, this intimate, personal space should be as uniquely catered to you as possible. It’s where you can feel comforted and inspired – a space to embrace your self-love, so to speak.

If those aren’t the vibes you’re getting from your room, it’s time for a bedroom makeover. Here are five simple ways to transform this space.

1. Buy New Bedding

Sometimes, all you need to revamp the bedroom is a new set of bedding!

Think about it: the bed is the most important piece of your room. If the bedroom is the room in which you spend the most time, the bed is the specific piece of furniture where this time is spent.

Make it the most comfortable place it can be. Most people browse for bedding in a well-known store and call it a day, but why not invest in custom bedding? This ensures no one else has the set that you do, which is pretty cool.

2. Get Rid of Clutter

As comforting as a new custom comforter can be, if you have too much clutter in your room, something is wrong. That’s just how it goes – the more clutter you have, the more stressed you’re likely to be.

This isn’t to say everything should be neat to perfection every day. But, you should make cleanliness and clutter management part of your bedroom makeover.

Such efforts now can do wonders for your mental space and emotions later.

3. Add a Special Element

You may realize you have more space in your bedroom than you thought after getting all the clutter out of the way!

What can you do with such room?

Maybe create a reading corner, or finally get that dresser or vanity set you’ve been dreaming of. These are just a few special items that not every bedroom has. But, one of these suggestions could very well be what your bedroom has been missing.

4. Pay Attention to the Details

As you’re looking around the new bedroom design you’ve created, make sure to notice every detail. No matter how big or small, all the things in your room should have a purpose.

This goes for the wall accents, the placement of your mirror, the window treatments, and even the rug. Make it a point to align every detail. Have them compliment each other to establish a clear design approach, but don’t be afraid to make use of bold elements or some contrasts, too.

5. Rearrange the Room

When in doubt, a bedroom makeover can be as simple as rearranging the room.

This gives you the chance to make use of every tip mentioned above! Rearranging your room is an excuse to clean and get rid of clutter. As you do so, you’re sure to find ways to make better use of your space and to notice details you might have forgotten about as well.

Not to mention, when the rearrangement is said and done, it’s nice to treat yourself to at least one new thing, like custom bedding or a comfy reading chair.

Interior Design Made Simple: a Bedroom Makeover, Window Treatments, and More

Feeling inspired by these design tips?

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