4 Tips For Choosing the Right Style Window Shutters For Your Home

4 Tips For Choosing the Right Style Window Shutters For Your Home, interior design

4 Tips For Choosing the Right Style Window Shutters For Your Home

4 Tips For Choosing the Right Style Window Shutters For Your Home

Have you recently purchased a home that needs a bit of TLC? Or, did you decide that your home could use a few updates and perhaps a renovation or two?

If you’ve answered yes, a great way to update and influence the appearance of your home is to add, modify, or replace your window shutters.

Here, we’ll provide four helpful tips so you can choose the right style window shutters for your home with ease.

1. Find a Shutter That Suits the Style of Your Home

Before you rush off to buy your brand new window shutters, it’s important to identify the type of home you’re currently occupying. Below are just a few examples of the different styles of homes available on the market today:

  • Victorian Style
  • Mid-century Modern
  • Georgian Colonial
  • Log House
  • Art Deco
  • French Provincial

After you determine the style of your home, you can start to look into the various styles of shutters like Lourved, Board-and-Batten, and Solid or Raised Panel to decide what will work best for your home.

2. Measure Twice, Cut Once

This proverb rings true in many different scenarios – however, it’s especially fitting if you’re contemplating purchasing new window shutters.

Getting accurate measurements – both horizontally and vertically – is crucial to ensure that your shutters are the right fit for your windows.

If you don’t trust your measuring ability, you may want to consider hiring a home remodeling contractor to size and eventually install your shutters.

3. Material Matters

As important as accurately sized shutters are, so, too, is the material they are made from.

You see, not all shutters are made from the same materials. Wood shutters are classic and authentic, but they can take a real beating in bad weather. There are PVC and Fiberglass shutters too if you’re looking for something durable and inexpensive.

The important thing to think about here is what’s most important to you. Is it cost savings? Easy maintenance? Authenticity?

No matter what it is, you want to be true to what’s important to you. Otherwise, you may end up unhappy with your decision in the long run.

4. Consider Color

Sure, some will recommend that you choose your shutters in a color that matches the siding of your house or compliments the brick or stone it’s composed of.

However, if you’re the type of person who likes to have fun…we say go for it. Do bear in mind, though, that that funky color might not be a buyers’ favorite – so you may want to choose a material that you can repaint if need be.

Choose the Best Window Shutters for Your Home

When it comes to home updates, modifications, or renovations, it’s important to be especially thorough, thoughtful, and careful when making your choices. After all, someone else is going to be living in it once you move.

Make the wrong call, and you could actually hurt the value of your house when it’s time to sell. However, if you make the right call, you can add value to your house so when it’s time to sell – you’ll benefit from having some extra money in the bank.

When you’re shopping for your new shutters, be sure to keep these 4 tips in mind. We know you’ll make the right call.