4 Signs You're in Need of an Updated Living Room

4 Signs You’re in Need of an Updated Living Room

4 Signs You’re in Need of an Updated Living Room

It’s been said that the heart of a home is its kitchen — and while it’s true that the kitchen is a great place to congregate when Dad is making his famous buckwheat pancakes, we’d like to make a case for the living room. After all, that’s where the parties are, where the family gathers to watch Christmas specials every December, and where epic PlayStation 4 battles go down.

So is it possible to improve upon the living room? Well, sure, if there were a way to keep a constant supply of snacks and cold drinks there — vending machines, maybe?

But in all seriousness, maybe it’s time you treated the family to an updated living room. Here are five signs you need to freshen things up.

1. Your Couch Isn’t Comfortable Anymore

Curling up on the couch for a Marvel movie marathon is great, but not if you sink so deep into the sagging cushions that it’s hard to get up again. Sagging cushions, creaking noises, and rips or tears in the fabric: these are all signs that it’s time for an updated living room.

The average life expectancy of a sofa is just about eight years, experts say. If you had to take a break from reading this because you were laughing so hard that actual tears formed in your eyes, then, yeah. Time to spring for a new couch.

2. You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Bought New Window Treatments

Or, worse, you can remember, only it turns out that you were inspired to give your living room a fresh look after binge-watching Trading Spaces — the original, that is.

If those window treatments look as dated as Paige Davis’s flared-leg jeans, why not check out what’s new? Even making a few simple changes can drastically alter the entire mood of a space. Your updated living room will be a decided improvement. (Well, unless you let Hildi pick out the fabric.)

3. Your Family Has Moved, and Nothing Fits Anymore

When you move house, it’s likely that your new living room will be a different shape or size. This is a great time to consider an update.

The loveseat and recliners that worked great in your former living room now look as diminutive as dollhouse furniture. You need a sofa, stat! Of course, you don’t have to start from scratch; a few key pieces can do the trick.

4. Your Lifestyle Has Changed

Maybe your living room predates the pitter-patter of little feet. Glass coffee tables, stuffy side chairs, and irreplaceable vases will all need to go (or go into storage).

On the other end of the spectrum, an updated living room is a good way to ease the pain of becoming empty nesters. Send the old couch off to college with your child, and treat yourself to a new one. (A new couch, that is; you’re probably pretty attached to the kid.)

Ready for an Updated Living Room?

It can be difficult to know where to start. Let our experts help! We specialize in custom designs for upholstery, pillows, bedding, and so much more. (Oh, and you won’t have to worry about the “reveal” with our services since you’re consulted at every step of the process!)

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